Minnesota Pizzeria Supports Local High School with Pizza Sale

According to the Lake County News-Chronicle, ” When the owners of Do North Pizza decided to hold a one-day pizza sale and give all of the money raised to Two Harbor High School, they were hoping to sell 100 pizzas.”

“Four hundred $7 pepperoni pizzas later, Do North was able to present the school’s extra-curricular department with a check for $2,800. “It was incredible,” said owner Mike Kasell. “The reason we did this was to give back to the community, and in true form the community turned out in full force to support the effort.” Six staff members hustled for 12 hours and made 400 14-inch pepperoni pizzas. “We didn’t realize how swamped we would be, but it turned out to be a lot of fun with people willing to wait for their pizzas or clear a table to help out.” Kasell, who grew up in Two Harbors and attended THHS said teachers, students and parents had always been good customers of Do North and the business wanted to say ‘thank you,” the story said.