Middleby Marshall Offers 0% Financing on WOW! 640 Double Oven

Elgin, Ill. (April 11, 2008)—Middleby Marshall has announced 0% interest on a five year lease for three Middleby conveyor ovens, including the new energy-saving, fast-cooking WOW! Oven. PS570 and PS555 double ovens also no interest on a five year lease.

“For the first time ever, customers can finance a PS555 double oven, PS570 double oven or the double PS640 WOW! Oven and pay no interest on a five year lease for a limited time,” said Middleby Marshall President Mark Sieron. “The PS555 and PS570 ovens are used around the world and offer a consistent bake and Middleby Marshall durability. The WOW! Oven has patented technology for a fast bake time and it is guaranteed to decrease operators’ utility bills.”

The PS640 WOW! Oven can fully cook a pizza in approximately three minutes. The oven also goes into an automatic energy-saving sleep mode when food is not being cooked in the oven. When the energy eye senses food on the conveyor, it forces the oven to full power within one minute. This is the first time a WOW! Oven is offered with 0% financing. “Any operator can now afford an oven that is in use at the big three pizza chains,” said Sieron.

Middleby Marshall is the world leader in conveyor ovens. More than 2 million pizzas are cooked every day on Middleby Marshall ovens around the world. For information on the 0% lease please visit or call 877-34-OVENS.