As the holiday season shifts into high gear, many Americans just don’t have time to cook full meals at home but feel nervous about dining out at restaurants. For those hungry customers in the Denver area, Mici Handcrafted Italian is pitching in to help with hefty pans of handmade, third-generation-recipe lasagna to go.

For pre-holiday pick-up, Mici’s fully assembled lasagnas can be ordered uncooked or cooked and stored for up to three days in the refrigerator (or frozen), before baking to bubbly brown perfection at home.

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Priced at $110, each pan of Mici’s Lasagna with Tuscan meat sauce comes with full baking instructions. A single pan can serve between 12 and 20 people based on portion preference. There is no limit to how many pans guests can pre-order; however, Mici requires 24-hour advance notice for lasagna trays, and the “uncooked” option must be noted on the order form.

Take-home meals and meal kits have become increasingly popular as the pandemic continues, providing crucial revenue for restaurants that can’t offer dine-in service due to local restrictions.

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