The pay-it-forward concept has taken root—in the form of a tree—at The Cabin in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

While other pizza shops have set up post-it-note walls for customers who want to donate pizzas and other food to those in need during the coronavirus pandemic, The Cabin encourages them to purchase gift cards, which are then placed on the tree.

“The basic idea there is a pay-it-forward pizza program where people that are in need or maybe were laid off or they just need a pizza for whatever reason, they can come to The Cabin to this tree and there will be gift cards for different things, whether it be a family meal for their whole family or an individual [item],” co-owner John Hunter told a local TV station. “They can just pick it off the tree, and it’s already paid for by others.”

The Cabin last week started delivering pizzas to fire departments, nursing homes, even convenience stores where low-wage workers risk their health every day to keep the country going.

With social distancing requirements still in place, The Cabin encourages customers in need to call ahead and request a pizza from the pay-it-forward tree and place an order over the phone.


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