Linesville, PA – “The material matters in material handling” is the theme of a new marketing campaign from MFG Tray, an international leader in the material handling industry. The recently launched initiative touts the performance benefits of MFG Tray composite material handling products.

“For material handling applications such as forged parts, castings and related industrial applications where strength, dimensional stability and heat resistance are required, composites offer superior performance,” said John Blicha, director of marketing for MFG Tray. “In many cases, our products have become industry standards, and we offer a number of usage-specific products such as dough boxes and proofing boards for food service, ESD-safe containers and trays for electronics assembly, vial and gel cap drying trays for the pharmaceutical industry, starch trays for confectionery processing and wash boxes for industrial uses where parts are rinsed or cleansed.”

MFG Tray is encouraging end users of material handling products to “think inside the box” to appreciate the performance benefits that composites can bring to their applications. The inherent durability of composite construction ensures users a long service life, enhancing the value of the initial purchase. Said Blicha, “There are a number of instances where composites are simply a better choice, and we’re encouraging end users to understand that the material really does matter in material handling.”

MFG Tray manufactures a variety of containers, totes and trays in stacking, nesting and nest and stack designs for an array of material handling, storage and processing applications in industrial, electronic, food service, pharmaceutical and confectionery operations. The company’s products are molded from glass fiber and resin composites.  The fiber component provides tensile strength, dimensional stability and reduced weight, and the plastic resin provides specific chemical, electrical and thermal properties.  The physical properties for which these products are known are a result of the synergy of resin matrix and glass reinforcement. Most MFG Tray products are compression molded from a proprietary sheet molding compound (SMC), a process that is ideal for producing medium to high volumes of high-strength, complex parts.

Unlike plastic trays and containers, composite products are dimensionally stable and will not bend or sag under loads. And, unlike metal, they will not dent, corrode or bend.  Thanks to their strength, composite products may be readily stacked to save space and streamline handling and product storage. The durability that results from composites construction ensures years of dependable performance. They are also ideal for machine integration and robotic applications, and can be used continuously in temperatures ranging from –60F to 250F. Glass-reinforced thermosets increase in impact strength as temperatures decrease, and MFG Tray products have performed well in temperatures as low as -190F. Standard formulations are impervious to radiation, cutting oils, detergents, mild acids and alkaline solutions ranging from 3.0 to 10.0 pH, and formulations are available for chemical solutions from 3.0 to 12.0 pH. The standard fiber-glass formulation is approved for UL 94 HB flammability rating.


MFG Tray is a division of Molded Fiber Glass Company, a world leader in reinforced polyester composites. Founded in 1952 in Linesville, Pennsylvania, MFG Tray applies the unique properties of reinforced composites to meet the handling, conveying and storing challenges of customers in the confectionery, bakery, food service, pharmaceutical and electronics industries, and in an array of industrial and processing applications. MFG Tray products are manufactured with rigorous attention to quality, and the company continuously strives to exceed customer expectations for product performance and value.


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