Linesville, Pa.— MFG Tray, a manufacturer of fiber reinforced composite products, is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. Since its founding in 1952 with 12 teammates, MFG Tray has expanded into a world leader in composite products for the material handling, confectionery, bakery, food service, pharmaceutical and electronics industries.""

MFG Tray was one of the first manufacturers of mass-produced commercial products using polyester resins and fiber glass reinforcements. Known originally as Toteline™,
MFG Tray’s products gained popularity and acceptance rapidly into a variety of applications due to the durability and performance offered by composite construction.

A few notable MFG Tray customers through the years have been Domino’s Pizza, Kodak, Nestle, Brach’s, Cadbury, Ford Motor Co. and Pfizer Inc., along with 20,000 other customers within its base. Wonder Bread of Continental Baking Co. was MFG Tray’s first large customer, utilizing thousands of bread trays beginning in 1953.

MFG Tray and its products are known around the world. Customers in Asia, Europe and South America have all experienced the made-in-America pride and quality that comes with MFG Tray’s products. Every product is made in MFG Tray’s manufacturing facility in Linesville, Pa.

“We would not have survived 60 years without striving daily to be the best.” said John Thompson, General Manager at MFG Tray. “Our teammates’ desire to serve the customer and to deliver the highest quality product has never been compromised for any reason. We are very grateful to the customers, distributors and the MFG Tray teammates that have made our first 60 years a success. We look forward to the next 60.”

MFG Tray plans to celebrate this great accomplishment throughout 2012. Stay tuned at or to the MFG Tray Facebook and Twitter feeds for updates.

-John Blicha, Mitch Graham

MFG Tray is a division of Molded Fiber Glass Companies, a world leader in fiber reinforced composites. Founded in 1952 in Linesville, Pennsylvania, MFG Tray applies the unique properties of reinforced composites to meet the handling, conveying and storing challenges of customers in the pharmaceutical, confectionery, bakery, food service and electronics industries, and in an array of industrial and processing applications. MFG Tray products are manufactured with rigorous attention to quality, and the company continuously strives to exceed customer expectations for product performance and value.

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