(Press Release) COLUMBUS, Ohio, June 13, 2012 – Mettler Toledo will introduce three new products at the upcoming IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo, June 25 – 28, 2012, in Las Vegas, NV. The new products with applications for the food industry include SevenCompact Benchtop pH/Conductivity Meters, DP90 Dropping Point System for Edible Oils and Excellence Moisture Analyzers.





SevenCompact Benchtop Meters




SevenCompact is a new line of benchtop meters for measurement of pH, ion concentration, ORP or conductivity.  SevenCompact features two new universal meters that fulfill analytical requirements in any industry and in a wide range of workplaces. SevenCompact pH/Ion S220 is a multi-lingual benchtop meter for pH/ORP/ion measurements with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) and five-point calibration. The ion mode with eight pre-programmed ions makes this meter much more than a pH meter; it’s two meters in one. SevenCompact Conductivity S230 is a multi-lingual benchtop meter for conductivity/TDS with ISM. In addition to covering standard conductivity applications, the S230 is designed to fulfill special requirements of bioethanol and sugar industries.






DP90 Dropping Point System for Edible Oils



Dropping point determinations at subambient temperature can be performed using a DP90 Dropping Point System. The DP90 consists of a control unit and a separate measuring cell, which can be placed into a refrigerator or freezer. Excellence Dropping Point Systems guarantee reliable results through visual camera observation and digital image analysis. The systems feature intuitive color touchscreen interfaces that allow for simple instrument operation. One Click shortcut buttons reduce learning curves and provide secure, simple measurements through unique user-specific home screens.





Excellence Moisture Analyzers




METTLER TOLEDO Excellence Moisture Analyzers deliver outstanding value. The innovative hanging weighing pan provides best measurement performance with highly reliable results in the shortest possible time. The One Click Moisture graphical user interface enables smooth and fast operation, featuring real-time drying curves and control charts. Rugged design and the new easy cleaning concept ensure a long service life and disruption-free operation, both in the lab and on the factory floor.





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