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Mets’ First Baseman Celebrates National Cheese Pizza Day with Charity

New York Mets' first baseman Dominic Smith celebrated the pizza-themed holiday in style.

by Callie Daniels Bryant

Thirty RFK Middle School students in Queens, New York, celebrated National Cheese Pizza Day with pizzas donated by sLICe Pizzeria and better yet, Nike backpacks with a year’s worth of school supplies.

New York Mets’ first baseman Dominic Smith hosted this wholesome event. “RFK Middle School is 10 minutes from the Citi Field where I play,” Smith said, “so to be able to give back to the fans that are in our backyard really means a lot to me. They’ve supported me all season long so it’s nice to be able to support them as they head back to school.”

This is his first time donating backpacks to help the children, but community involvement has always been important to Smith, who hails from California. Now residing in Queens, he is glad to contribute to his new “home away from home.”

Smith chose sLICe because of DJ Camilo that he shares a few things in common with. “We’re both represented by Roc Nation and call Queens home so it’s a perfect fit,” he said. “He was generous enough to donate the pies so that we could celebrate National Cheese Pizza day with these kids, and the pizza is incredible. My favorite pie is definitely plain cheese for sure. I’m simple like that.”