PALM SPRINGS, CALIF., June 1, 2010—Starting in early July, Palm Springs, Calif.-based restaurant consultant Gregg Rapp is embarking on a 60-city tour—and he’s bringing his successful menu engineering services along for the ride.The 28-year industry veteran will make stops at restaurants along his 12,261-mile road trip, where he will reinvigorate, refresh and reshape menus for maximum profitability.
Rapp’s three-month tour will start in Palm Springs, then head across Texas and the South all the way down to Key West, up the East Coast to Bailey Island, Maine, across the Midwest to Denver, over to Seattle, down the West Coast to Los Angeles, and finally back home.  He will only book one client per city, given the tight time schedule. 
Rapp has been featured on NBC’s “Today Show,” TIME magazine, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and countless restaurant industry publications. The menu expert always keeps his satisfied customers coming back for more. “Whenever Gregg is in our neighborhood, I ask him to come by for a few days to educate our whole staff on menu engineering,” says John Bean of University Management in Columbus, Miss. “And each time, he re-energizes our employees and gets everyone on the same playing field and increases our profits!”
While Rapp is in their town, restaurant owners and operators can book him for his consulting services.  For $1,995.00*, Rapp will study a restaurant, run a complete menu analysis and strategically lay out different menu configurations. Then, he gives his popular “Menus:  A Profit Approach” seminar, which covers menu engineering, menu design and trends, tools for increasing profitability and menu allowance programs to the entire menu team and shares his recommendations about menu changes. A month later, Rapp runs the restaurant’s new numbers to track results and show how menu engineering = profitability. (*Note: Prices quoted are for independent restaurants; fees vary for chains and multiple unit operators. Hotel charges will be the only travel expenses billed.)
Beyond helping restaurants fix their menus, Rapp will be using his road trip to learn about dining trends and foods throughout the entire country. What’s more, he will be stopping to teach at colleges along the way, including the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y., where he has already lectured several times.
“I have had requests from many restaurant operators over the past few years, and this trip is a way to review operations and keep prices down, all while seeing the country,” says Rapp, who also has received requests to work in Korea, Brazil, Portugal, Spain and Bahrain. “Maybe next year I will do a ‘Round the World’ road trip!”
Keep track of Rapp’s travels on his blog, Facebook and Twitter. To see the complete list of cities on the tour, and for more information on Rapp’s menu engineering services, visit Contact Rapp today at (760) 323-4848 or GRapp222@AOL.Com to make your menus profitable when he arrives in your city!
Summer 2010 Menu Engineering Road Trip and Expedition
Gregg Rapp’s route will cover the following 60 cities*:
Palm Springs, Phoenix, Tucson, El Paso, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Columbus, MS, Memphis, Nashville, Atlanta, Tampa, Sarasota, Fort Myers, Key West, Miami, Orlando, Savannah, Charleston, Raleigh, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Washington, DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York,Boston, Seal Harbor, Ithaca, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, Indianapolis,  Chicago, Milwaukee,  Minneapolis, Des Moines, Omaha, Kansas City, Colorado Spring, Denver, Vail, Durango, Sundance, Salt Lake City, Sun Valley, Boise, Coeur d’Alene, Spokane, Seattle, Vancouver, BC, Portland, Cannon Beach, Napa Valley, San Francisco, Carmel, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, back home to Palm Springs!
* Trip and schedule to change to accommodate bookings. Tentative tour dates are July 1 – October 1, 2010. 
Rates:      Individual Restaurants $1,995.00 plus hotel nights.
                Regional Chains $2,995.00 plus hotel nights.
                National Chains $3,995.00 plus hotel nights.

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