Memories Pizza Pranked for Gay Wedding

Memories Pizza, which made worldwideheadlines for refusing to cater a gay wedding this summer, has inadvertently found a new market: same-sexnuptuals. That's right, gay weddings. reports Robin Trevino, a male member of an Illinois-based comedy troupe, purchased two large Memories pies while recording the buy,and drovethem back to his home in Walkerton, Illinois, on Sept. 26. He fed the prankedpies to guestsat his wedding to husband, Jason Delgatto.Trevino postedthe video, in which he didn't revel his pizza plans to Memories employees. “Memories Pizza will be catering our gay wedding,” he says on camera. “They have no idea that this is going to happen, but it’s happening.” Trevino is a member ofGayCo Productions, acomedy ensemblefocusingon LBGT issues.The clip, which can be viewed on the group'sYouTube page, is part of a “50 States of Gay,” a series celebrating legal same-sex marriage.

Watch Trevino give Indiana's most controversial pizzeria thanks for the memories.