Meet the Tank – Jan-Feb 2014

PMQ’s Think Tank ( is the only pizza industry forum on the Web, with 2,500 members who meet online regularly to discuss the pizza business. In this new column, we’ll introduce you to some of the Tank’s seasoned members who can show you the ropes and lend insights into how the forum has benefited their businesses.

Think Tank username: Daddio
Real Name: Richard Ames
Pizzeria: Daddio’s Pizzeria (,
Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
Date Joined: June 13, 2006
Number of Posts: 2,310

PMQ: How long have you been in the pizza business?

Daddio (Richard): I started in the pizza industry as a part-time delivery driver 25 years ago. I’ve had my own store for nearly nine years.

Do you remember why you joined the Think Tank?

I found the Think Tank back in 2005 when I was searching for an answer to [why I found] moisture in the middle of my pizza. I was impressed by the openness and willingness of the members to help a newbie.

Why have you continued to return to the Think Tank over the years?

I felt that the help I received as a new operator needed to be paid forward. As I’ve gained experience, it only made sense to give back to the community.

Can you share an example of a business tip you picked up in the Tank that helped your business?

I’ve made a number of online friends through the Think Tank, so it’s a good place to keep in contact with them. I still learn a great deal about the business end of the pizza industry from the contributions of the other members.

What should a newbie know when first entering the Think Tank?

There is a search function and a sticky post with frequently asked questions. These are great first stops in the Think Tank. If you ask a question after using these, please be as specific as possible. When you are looking for a detailed answer, you need to ask a detailed question. Think of how you would answer a customer that asks, “How much is a pizza?” The question doesn’t give you enough information to intelligently answer it.