Meet the Tank: David Waterman

PMQ’s Think Tank ( is the only pizza industry forum on the Web, with 2,500 members who meet online regularly to discuss the pizza business. In this new column, we’ll introduce you to some of the Tank’s seasoned members who can show you the ropes and lend insights into how the forum has benefited their businesses.

Think Tank username: wa dave
Real Name: David Waterman
Pizzeria: Pizza Pizzazz Currambine, Perth, Western Australia
Date Joined: August 21, 2006
Number of Posts: 1,585

PMQ: How many years have you been in the pizza business?

wa dave (David):  Eight years, since December 12, 2005.

When did you first start using the Think Tank, and do you remember why you joined?

I started using the Australian version in early 2006 but was transferred to the U.S. Think Tank and have been here since.

Why have you continued to return to the Think Tank over the years?

I visit for the useful information, camaraderie, and just keeping abreast of the pizza industry. An answer to someone’s question may help him as I have been helped before.

What do you use the Think Tank for most?

Industry trends, problem solving and marketing ideas.

Can you share an example of a business tip or tips you picked up in the Tank that helped your business?

I guess the most effective tips dealt with ways to counter a national chain store opening 100 meters up the road from us about four years ago. By combining various marketing tips from Tank members and other tactics, we carried out a guerrilla marketing campaign against the chain from its opening date, with the end result being the chain has never reached its projected sales levels. Tom Boyles actually wrote an article on us in PMQ Australia covering our story in detail.

What should a newbie know when first entering the Think Tank?

Don’t be afraid to post questions, no matter how silly they may seem. Take all information in hand, even if you feel the answer or comments seem to put you down. The responses are coming from seasoned operators who have seen and heard it all and have done the hard yards to success. They should also look through the archives for the wealth of information there.