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Meat Pie Pizza: the evolution of the humble Aussie meat pie

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd (“Domino’s”) will launch Australia’s very first Meat Pie Pizza in a bid to snare a larger slice of the national pizza market on Monday.
A savoury mince topping on a classic crust topped with onions, tomatoes, peas, cheese, shortcrust pastry and a swirl of tomato sauce, Domino’s new Meat Pie Pizza marks the next evolution of the humble Australian meat pie.
Domino’s CEO Don Meij said the new Meat Pie Pizza was expected to generate strong sales, particularly among sports fans following its national launch on 2 April 2007.
“The evolution of the humble Aussie meat pie has taken a monumental leap in history today, with the union of Australia’s two biggest pre-game footy food rivals – meat pie and pizza,” Mr Meij said.
“The meat pie is sacred to all Australians. And now with Domino’s new Meat Pie Pizza, Aussie sports fans can watch the footy from the comfort of their own home and have a Domino’s Meat Pie Pizza delivered straight to their door.”
Domino’s Chief Marketing Officer Allan Collins said the new Meat Pie Pizza was the result of three months of research and development which started when Domino’s began looking for a new pizza designed specifically for Australian taste buds.
“Australians are diverse and so are their tastes in pizza. That is why we are continually developing and testing new pizza bases and toppings everyday,” he said.
“This new product is the latest taste sensation to come out of our research and development kitchen, the Domino’s Luv Lab.”
Mr Collins said Domino’s had committed an estimated $3 million to the Meat Pie Pizza launch.
“The launch of Meat Pie Pizza marks the next evolution of not only meat pie, but the pizza industry as a whole. An Australian-first, the launch of Meat Pie Pizza will be supported by a fully-integrated marketing campaign, including TV advertising, letter box dropped vouchers and coupons, direct mail, in store point of sale, website promotions, advertising and public relations,” he said.
Australian owned and operated, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited is Australia’s only publicly-listed pizza company and is the master franchisor for the Domino’s Pizza brand in Australia, New Zealand, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Across these markets, the Company and its franchisees operate 647 stores. In Australia and New Zealand, the 458 stores employ more than 11,000 staff and make more than 50 million pizzas each year.