McDonald’s told Italians that burgers beat pizza. That didn’t go over so well

One sign that pizza is beating backthe media assault on its status as the world's mostbeloved food: this take-no-prisonersvictory by Neapolitan pizzaiolosagainst the planet's biggest fast-food brand, McDonald's.

The Washington Post reports whenthe worldwidehamburger king,which is enduring falling sales and profits,aired a commercial in Marchimplying that Italian kids would choose a Happy Meal over pizza, Italians flashed their passionate sides — and we're not talking fries. In Naples, birthplace ofthe cheese-topped pie, where true Neapolitan masterpiecesmeet anexacting 11-page standard of rules, onerenowned pizza-maker called the commercial"Blasphemy!When I first saw it, I couldn’t help laughing, for how ridiculous the commercial is,” recalled Eduardo Pagnani, co-owner of Pizzeria Brandi, one of the most famous pizzerias in Naples. “Then I realized that they were denigrating pizza to promote their product."

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