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McDonald’s told Italians that burgers beat pizza. That didn’t go over so well

One sign that pizza is beating back the media assault on its status as the world's most  beloved food: this take-no-prisoners victory by Neapolitan pizzaiolos against the planet's biggest fast-food brand, McDonald's. 

The Washington Post reports when the worldwide hamburger king, which is enduring falling sales and profitsaired a commercial in March implying that Italian kids would choose a Happy Meal over pizza, Italians flashed their passionate sides — and we're not talking fries. In Naples, birthplace of  the cheese-topped pie, where true Neapolitan masterpieces meet an exacting 11-page standard of rules, one renowned pizza-maker called the commercial "Blasphemy!  When I first saw it, I couldn’t help laughing, for how ridiculous the commercial is,” recalled Eduardo Pagnani, co-owner of Pizzeria Brandi, one of the most famous pizzerias in Naples. “Then I realized that they were denigrating pizza to promote their product." 

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