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McCormick For Chefs® Expands Grill Mates® Portfolio with Three New Seasoning Blends

McCormick For Chefs®, the Food Away From Home division of McCormick & Company, is expanding its line of Grill Mates® Seasoning Blends and will begin shipping the new items this month. With three new flavors added to the five existing ones, the Seasoning Blends are a convenient way for chefs to keep up with diners’ growing demand for flavorful foods. According to Technomic, nine out of 10consumers say they crave the flavor of grilled meats and other grilled foods. NPD also took note of this, citing that consumers put “grilled” at the top of their list when asked about healthy cooking definitions.

Grill Mates Seasoning Blends have no artificial flavors, 0g trans fat per serving and no added MSG. Packaged in a ready-to-use, multi-serve format, the eight on-trend Seasoning Blends make it easy and convenient to add vibrant flavor to any dish.




• NEW! Barbecue Seasoning

27 oz.

Rich brown sugar with a pop of smoke and warm notes of hard spice, with hints of creamy garlic and onions

• NEW! Hamburger Seasoning 

24 oz.

Peppery blend of black and chili pepper, with the robust flavors of roasted garlic and onions

• NEW! Mesquite Seasoning

24 oz.

Hints of sweet garlic, onions and red bell peppers with savory mesquite smoke and a touch of heat from black pepper and chili

• Montreal Chicken® Seasoning 

23 oz.

Garlic, onion and herbs with a touch of heat from the black and red peppers and a hint of orange and paprika

• Montreal Steak® Seasoning

29 oz. or 7 lb.

Big bold flavors from coarse salt, black and red pepper, garlic, onion and essence of fennel

• Reduced Sodium Montreal Steak® Seasoning

24 oz.

• Seafood Seasoning (formerly Salmon Seasoning)

23 oz.

Deep earthy notes of comforting cedar smoke with the sweet and balanced flavor of onion and garlic, and a touch of heat

• Vegetable Seasoning

20 oz.

Well-balanced blend of onions, tomatoes, garlic, red bell peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, leeks and chives


“Our passion is developing innovative flavor solutions that our customers want,” said Ian Wesson, Director of Marketing, McCormick For Chefs. “Grill Mates Seasoning Blends are developed by chefs, for chefs—ensuring the flavor performance and repeatable results needed for success in any operation.”

McCormick For Chefs’ Executive Chef Gary Patterson added, “The versatile blends help chefs create dishes that have the same great taste every time they’re served. From hamburgers and steak to seafood, chicken and vegetables, Grill Mates make menu items stand out with bold, consistent flavor that you can see and taste.”

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