Matzah Pizza for Passover

""“Fresh Brothers Pizza has a novel solution to their annual dip in sales during the Passover holiday: matzah pizza,” reported Beverly Hills “Jews do not eat leavened bread during the 8-day holiday of Passover. That means no pizza either. ‘As Jews, we rarely can go out to eat during Passover,’ said Adam Goldberg, founder and chief executive officer of the Fresh Brothers pizza chain. ‘But no one wants to cook all of the time.”’

“This is the first year the chain will offer the matzah pizza, which Goldberg hopes will help reduce the sales dip he sees at all of his six regional stores during Passover. If sales go well, it is likely that the matzah pizza – available this year through Sat. April 14 – will become an annual Passover item.” Matzah pizza is available in a personal size only, as it uses standard sheets of matzah as the crust. Gluten-free matzah is also available for those with gluten issues. A cheese matzah pizza costs $4.95, $1.00 for the first topping and 50 cents each additional topping. The pizza tastes like regular pizza with an extra-crispy crust.”