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Restaurant Marketing Pro Matt Plapp: How to Create and Use Your Own ‘Radio Station’

In this installment of PMQ Live Marketing Masters, restaurant marketing pro Matt Plapp of MattPlapp.com explains how small businesses can get the most for their advertising buck with social media. Through the concept he describes as “creating your own radio station,” Plapp describes how small businesses can grow their very own database and effectively spend their advertising budget.

“The biggest secret … that businesses still have not [grasped] is that you have to know who your customers are and you’ve got to have a turnkey way to reach out to them without having to spend money,” Plapp tells PMQ Publisher Steve Green. “We focus on building that database, then separating that database. That’s what I tell restaurants to do: You need to build that audience, but then you need to segment it so that you can have a different conversation with people based on their demographics.”

Watch the full interview below!