Mark’s Pizzeria Chain Joins Batavia, New York Community

“Mark Crane grew up in an Italian family and could be found helping his grandmother make pasta in the kitchen,” according to The Daily News.

“While he didn’t spread that around as a boy, it has now come in handy for the pizza entrepreneur. Crane was happy to greet people Wednesday for the debut of his latest shop at 8351 Lewiston Rd. in Tops Plaza. 

“Our recipes were made in 1982, and they have been the same since. We take it seriously, we try to take care of you,” he said as the hum of large ovens and workers filled the kitchen area. “Can you feel the energy? We’ve got 15 to 20 guys training. We offer quality and service.”

It would seem as though some training had indeed taken place. Every employee, dressed in a crisp Mark’s navy blue T-shirt, greeted patrons with a smile. Eric Levan, who co-owns the Batavia site, was equally ready to get the business started.

“When I drove through Batavia, I liked the feel of it. It’s still got that hometown feel,” the Churchville resident said. “I’m just excited to be here and to jump in to help the community. I’m hoping we can get involved in some community stuff … and hopefully sell a pizza or two along the way.”