Strategic direct mail through Mail Shark remains one of the most effective marketing mediums for pizzerias.

Having the right marketing plan is critical to the success of your pizzeria. Marketing is your investment in the future sales of your business and, as a matter of fact, marketing is the only activity that will generate any sales and cash for your restaurant.

Think about it. Nothing else that you spend money on will generate any cash for your business. You can spend cash on new kitchen equipment, a new pizza oven, hiring additional staff, etc. However, none of this will generate any sales or cash. These are all expenses that your marketing must pay for.

The challenge for today’s pizzeria owner is sifting through the many options and marketing companies in order to find the best solution and partner that will deliver results. Make sure your plan meets the following criteria, and you’ll be on your way to increasing your pizzeria’s sales.

1. A Proven Track Record of Results

Not only do you need a marketing platform that has been proven to drive sales for pizzerias, but you’ll want to make sure your marketing partner has a track record of delivering those results as well. For example, strategic direct mail remains one of the most effective marketing mediums for pizzerias. Trusted companies like Mail Shark, which got its start in 2008 by marketing for pizzerias, continue to deliver results for thousands of restaurants across the country.

2. Affordability

No matter how great any marketing strategy is, it’s worth nothing to your pizzeria if you can’t afford it. Make sure to partner with a company that understands the fact that your pizzeria’s finances are analyzed on a weekly basis. With this understanding, they’ll make marketing affordable by spreading out the cost of your marketing on this same weekly basis, rather than having you pay all at once.

3. Create an Annual Marketing Plan

You may remember the late Big Dave Ostrander, who wrote about the importance of laying out an annual marketing plan. Having no plan, or not putting a plan on a calendar for the year, are the primary reasons pizzeria owners fail with their marketing. As a pizzeria owner, you never have enough hours in the day, and trying to figure out your marketing on the fly will produce marginal results. Plan your marketing on a calendar for the year and you will be able to execute flawlessly.

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