Marble Restaurants Selects SpeedLine POS Software for Pizza Hut Units

LYNDEN, WA – November 9, 2007 – Marble Restaurants announced that the company is replacing its existing POS systems in 20 Pizza Hut restaurants with SpeedLine POS and adding SpeedLink Enterprise for multi-unit administration and reporting at head office.

“We evaluated several POS software solutions for our restaurants and chose SpeedLine because it is technologically superior,” comments Shamez Jivraj, president of Marble Restaurants. “Based on the more than 700 Pizza Hut stores in the US already running SpeedLine systems,” Jivraj adds, “we knew we were dealing with a company that could handle the unique requirements of our menu and business.”

Marble Restaurants has installed the SpeedLine POS software in four locations to date, and SpeedLink Enterprise above store. The company plans to roll out the new software to all 20 of their Pizza Hut locations. In addition, they have contracted with SpeedLine to provide remote menu and POS management services.

“Our staff finds the SpeedLine POS much more user-friendly than our previous system,” Jivraj says. “We appreciate the improved level of security SpeedLine provides, particularly the fingerprint sensor technology. We have had issues in the past with employees clocking in too early or clocking out late to try to maximize their hours. The security controls on clock-in and clock-out times prevent staff from stretching their shifts or clocking unnecessary overtime; we believe that functionality alone will help us reduce labor hours.”

“SpeedLink Enterprise above store,” Jivraj adds, “will give us improved insight to run tighter, more economical operations across all of our Pizza Hut units.”

About Marble Restaurants

Marble Restaurants Ltd. owns and operates 20 Pizza Hut restaurants in Edmonton, Alberta.

About SpeedLine

SpeedLine is the leading provider of intelligent solutions for pizza point of sale. A total pizza information system, SpeedLine is designed to help restaurant operators and enterprise chains operate more efficiently and profitably. With offices in Lynden, WA, and Vancouver, BC. SpeedLine ( ) serves customers in the USA, Canada, and Europe.