Man’s Pizza Comes With Free Topping: A Poisonous Spider

""According to, “If you lived in New Zealand and found a poisonous white-tailed spider hiding in your Domino’s Pizza box, would you: a. scream; b. run into another room as fast as possible, then scream; or c., scold the spider for disturbing the peace in violation of national custom?”

“Because spiders are frightening, but also rude, we would probably go with some combination of b. and c. As for the real-life New Zealand man who recently discovered a white-tailed spider in his Domino’s pizza box? His answer was d., ‘give the pizza a nickname’ which was ‘Pizza of Death’ (that’s kinda lame—sorry). Then he called up the Domino’s to complain, and they sent out some poor employee to “collect” the spider. That employee was probably like, ‘Uh, is this in my job description?’ And then the manager probably said something like, ‘no, but you have to do it, because I said so. Now skedaddle.'”

“Fortunately, the customer was nice enough to put the spider in a coffee can, so that the Domino’s employee (who probably didn’t learn how to catch poisonous spiders during orientation) didn’t have to bother. For his display of etiquette, the customer received a refund and an offer for a replacement pizza; he didn’t take the pizza.”