WASHINGTON, DC – Manny & Olga’s Pizza selects Revention as its corporate POS solution for all of its franchise partners.

Bobby Athanasakis, President of Manny & Olga’s Pizza looked at all his options when purchasing a POS system.  He extensively researched the abilities and features of what other POS companies were able to provide.  Bobby found Revention POS takes the best features of the business owner’s point-of-sale system and combines them with features that assist him in carrying out all restaurant management functions.  His main objective when selecting Revention POS was the latest in technology to help all his locations conform to one system with ease of use and flexibility.

“I got every question answered that I had, everyone was kind and helpful.  Setup and installation were done in little time.  With the support and ease of use, my staff was ready to go in less than one day.

I have the ability to process University Cards through my Revention POS system.  On my menu, I thought it would be humorous to add a new coupon to my latest menu — Buy 1,000 pizzas and get 1,000 free.  I never imagined that anyone would place an order of that magnitude. But, one man’s joke is another man’s dinner and the offer just might become a reality. Students at Georgetown University who saw the ad are running a campus-wide campaign to get 1,000 students together to place the order.  As of today, 953 students have signed up and joined the pizza coalition.  Not to worry, I’m willing and able to deliver 2,000 pizzas.  Revention POS will give me the edge I need” says Bobby Athanaskis.

Revention POS provides you with the tools needed to make delivery a simple, profitable part of your operation. Our system gives you the ability to search for your customers by name, phone, address, street number, location, and more. In addition, all customers can have multiple phone numbers and addresses for those who call you from their home and cell numbers and need deliveries at home and work.

Revention POS stores the last orders delivered which can be quickly recalled with the touch of a button. Not only will you impress your customers but you will also reduce ordering times.

About Manny & Olga’s Pizza

Manny opened his first restaurant in 1974, with the Manny & Olga’s™ name coming later, in 1993. Why the name “Manny & Olga’s™”? It incorporates his name and that of his daughter. Manny has solid family values that continue to inspire him — and win over customers — to this day. Together, the Athanasakis family proudly carries out their family tradition of making top quality food, delivered with warm hospitality.
For more information about Manny & Olga’s Pizza please visit www.mannyandolgas.com

About Revention

Revention is a leading provider of point-of-sale (POS) and restaurant management system (RMS) technology for the restaurant industry, with strength in pizza POS. Revention specializes in providing a complete solution that streamlines the way you do business.  Custom configurations allow Revention to meet every operator’s exact needs. 
For more information please visit www.revention.com or call 1-877-738-7444.

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