Mangia delivers after shattering longest pizza line record

According to a news report from, “They take their pizza seriously at Mangia Pizza – the Chicago stuffed crust pizza based out of Austin. And now they’ve gone to an incredible length to prove it.”

“About 1,000 feet to be precise. There was over 1,000 feet of pizza at Zilker Park on Saturday. That equals about 1,000 pounds of dough, 36 gallons of sauce, 420 pounds of cheese and 30 pounds of pepperoni,” said the story. “In celebration of Mangia Pizza’s 20th anniversary this weekend, they teamed up with Meals on Wheels of Central Texas to break a record for longest line of pizza, while giving back to the community and feeding the needy. The roughly 1,000 feet of pizza will be delivered to the Salvation Army.”

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