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Man To Eat Pizza For Every Meal This Month

According to, “A Brooklyn, N.Y., man loves pizza so much that he intends to eat it for every meal, every day, for an entire month.Nick Sherman told News 12 in Brooklyn he plans to eat pizza at a difference place every day this April. He said the hardest part so far is missing out on all the other food he can’t have, such as macaroni and cheese and candy. He said he almost slipped and came close to eating a churro the other day.’ I saved it until we got to the pizzeria and put it on top of my pizza,’ he said. The graphic designer said he’s always loved pizza. Growing in Massachusetts"", he tried to visit every pizzeria in the area. Now in New York, he’s hitting up all the hot spots in Brooklyn and beyond.He said that once pizza month is over, his first meal will likely again be pizza.”