Man in Pizza Has 23 Bags Of Marijuana In His Underwear

“An ex-con who police observed dropping a bag of cocaine in a Greenwich Village pizza shop turned out to have a lot more than just a bag of coke on him. Tyrel Henderson, 22, could probably use a lesson in keeping a low profile: after he was busted with the coke, police allegedly found five more bags of cocaine as well 23 bags of marijuana in his underwear. Henderson was busted at the Karavas Pizza ‘N’ Pita around 1 a.m. Sunday morning; Captain Raffaele Petti of the Sixth Precinct saw him drop a plastic baggie filled with cocaine. Henderson tried to drop the coke down a storm drain when he saw police approaching him; he then tried resisting arrest, flailing his arms and pushing cops away.”

“Once he was cuffed and brought to the stationhouse, police found an addition five bags of cocaine in the back of the police van. They then did a full search of him, and found the 23 bags of marijuana in his underwear. Cops later said they found 20 more bags of cocaine God-knows-where. Henderson, who has two prior arrest for drug possession, now faces felony charges for possession of a controlled substance, unlawful possession of marijuana and resisting arrest”.