“FORT MYERS, FL – Investigators are searching for a man who reportedly robbed a pizza delivery driver after hiding in the back seat of her car last week, reported NBC-2. According to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, the victim, an employee of the Pizza Hut at 3706 Cleveland Ave., was making a delivery at the Fort Myers Inn Motel shortly before 11 p.m. on Feb. 16, when a man approached her car and spoke to her briefly.”

“After delivering the pizza, the woman returned to her car and noticed that her door was open and light was on, investigators said. As she drove away, the man appeared from her back seat, demanded money and then began choking her with the seatbelt, she said. The woman reportedly gave him her bag, floored the vehicle and returned to the Pizza Hut parking lot. That’s when the robber hopped out of the car and ran toward a gas station nearby. Authorities responded to the scene and conducted a search in the area but were unable to find him. Detectives recovered video from a business in the area that showed the suspect fleeing the scene. The victim said he was wearing a dark shirt and jeans and had a strong odor of cologn.”

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