According to a report from, “A MAN has spoken of his horror and disgust at discovering a dead mouse embedded in the base of his McCain Foods’ pizza.”

The article said, “Peter Box was about to sink his teeth into a slice of ham and pineapple pizza when he saw a tail dangling from the crust.”

The report stated: “Mr Box yesterday told Ballarat Magistrates Court that he initially thought the “little black bit” was a piece of burnt cheese. But his curiosity turned to instant revulsion when he flipped the slice over.”

In court, the Adelaide man told the judge he jumped from his living room chair in disgust, cursing as he hurried to the bathroom.

“It made me feel quite sick,” he said. “I got very close to biting the tail.”

The article said, “McCain Foods (Australia) yesterday faced court over the incident, fighting allegations that the rodent was squashed in the pizza during the production process.”

According to the article, defense attorney Peter Rozen told the court he would call evidence to prove the mouse became stuck to the pizza in Mr Box’s oven when it was cooked on October 28 last year.

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