Man Discovers Jesus Christ on Pizza Tray

""According to, “While going through his garage, Josh Mather said he saw an image of Jesus Christ on an old pizza tray that changed his life.”

“‘I think it’s amazing, actually,’ said Mather. ‘I don’t know, it’s spiritual the way I see it. To me, it’s Jesus on the left, and on the right I would believe it to be Mary.’ The metal tray is from an old brick pizza oven, owned by Mather and his brother. They said they cooked thousands of pizzas in it at their sports pub, but the economy forced them out of business.”

“The tray ended up in his garage, where he didn’t notice it for months. Until Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. ‘As I opened the two garage doors, this image was right on the left door, looking at me in the face,’ Mather said. ‘It totally stopped me.’ Since Mather has not been to church in 20 years, this incident changed his life.”