Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer New On the Web

Introducing Pizza Beer Crust mix by the Pizza Beer Company in St Charles, IL. The new web page ( features a pizza crust mix that just requires “Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer” and olive oil to be added. Chef Tom and Mamma Mia created an instructional, step-by step video to assist those who would rather have a visual to make their pizza at home. Made in micro batches now, the creators of the “World’s First Culinary Beer” hope to attract the attention of a national pizza company to produce the mix and potentially a frozen version to be made available for people all over America. Currently the mix is sold at Woodman’s, Sam’s Wine and Spirits, Top Shelf Wine and Spirits and Famous Liquors.

The site also contains two new icons. One, influenced by the publisher of PMQ’s Pizza Magazine, Steve Green, who encouraged the couple to take on one of the big brewers in a taste test. Chef Tom & Mamma Mia staged the event at a local liquor store, Famous in Lombard, Illinois. People were asked to take a bite of pizza and then blindly taste each beer. When the dust settled, 19 of 24 people preferred the Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer over Budweiser (Fredweiser in our site as we did not want to tread on copyright issues) as the beer they would rather have with their pizza.

A picture gallery icon has been added showing a huge number of happy people who are drinking our Mamma Mia! pizza beer. Several other videos can be viewed by clicking on the movie projector and following the prompts.

Chef Tom And Mamma Mia
Pizza Beer Company
5N404 Harvest Lane
Saint Charles, IL 60175