San Juan, PR — Baltimore-based restaurant chain mamma ilardo’s announces the opening its newest pizza restaurant inside of the San Juan Airport. The mamma ilardo’s location will serve its signature New York style pizza and Italian specialities to both travel passengers as well as employees of the airport. Mamma ilardo’s will also offer discounted delivery to airport offices and the neighboring hotel.

In addition to the variety of fresh dough pizza recipes and calzones that mamma ilardo’s is known for, the restaurant will also offer a create-your-own pasta or salad option. Guests can choose between a selection of pastas including spaghetti, fettuccini and penne along with any combination of toppings and sauces such as alfredo, maranara, garlic, pine nut and basil pesto. The salad menu will allow you to customize your meal in the same manner with a selection of toppings including vegetables, shrimp and chicken. “Our main goal is to show everyone who visits the airport that we simply make the best New York style pizza dough,” says owner/manager Pedro Rivera. “We think our create-your-own pastas and salads will be incredibly popular with airport patrons as well.”

This new mamma ilardo’s location is an example of the continuing development effort by mamma ilardo’s Corporation to license restaurant concepts in nontraditional locations such as amusement parks, entertainment and sports arenas, and casinos. mamma ilardo’s continually expands its licensing program, providing restaurant concepts to individuals and pizza products to facilities with foodservice needs. For more information on mamma ilardo’s licensing opportunities, or to find a mamma ilardo’s near you, visit .

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