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Making Pizza Brings Community Together

According to a news report from, “Last Wednesday morning, Silver City’s firehouse kitchen was filled with the delicious smells of gourmet pizzas made from scratch. Children, teens and adults gathered at the firehouse to learn the art of pizza making from volunteer chef Renate Victor, who brought all the ingredients, including fresh basil, and spent the morning setting up cooking stations with chopping blocks, measuring cups, mixing bowls and skillets.”

“Victor and other adult volunteers worked in teams with the younger participants to knead homemade dough, sauté vegetables, cook ground turkey and sausages, and chop fresh onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, and squashes. The group began the morning listening to the adults’ preference, classical music, and ended the day listening to pop tunes chosen by the younger members of the cooking class. Meanwhile, group members tossed an enormous green salad and began baking pizza creations,” said the story. “The intergenerational cooking class was inspired by Silver City’s Case for Change community initiative. It meshes nicely with the goal to “create intentional friendships across age, class and race lines.”

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