If you think you are in the food business, think again. Successful food-business operators realize they are not in the food business but, rather, in the marketing business. Why? Because competition is fierce and consumers have many choices. So whom they choose for tonight’s dinner is the $64,000 question.

Give Them a Reason to Choose You

Today’s successful operators never presume to know where all their customers come from—that’s why they mix it up. They execute a number of marketing initiatives across a mixed media platform to increase their exposure. 

Print, outdoor, digital media and local cross-promotions with a tie to charity work best for small operators and regional chains. They’re affordable and get you in front of the community. But you’ve heard all that before. The challenge is how to execute all of the above in a professional, consistent manner that gets results!

The Secret: Choosing the Right Marketing Partner

At MPP, we have been committed to the pizza industry for more than 15 years. We have many customers who have grown from single-store operators to mid-sized franchises. The real benefit to you is a consistent approach that creates instant awareness!

We help you create a story. MPP is a hybrid marketing company that offers all the marketing services you require under one roof, from our in-house creative team to our digital team and a complete print production facility of 100,000 square feet equipped with the most advanced printing and mailing facilities in the business. And the cherry on top is our proprietary workflow with USPS that ensures your mailers drop on the most powerful days of the month, delivering a higher ROI!

Bottom line: You will not find a more competitive, well-rounded marketing partner than MPP anywhere! To learn more about MPP Marketing Group, call 866-889-8745 or visit mppmarketinggroup.com.

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