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Make Your Signature Burger Irresistible with Fresh California Avocados

Irvine CA (January 2007)—While the patty may be beef, turkey or vegetarian, a signature burger’s garnishes are definitely custom. When it comes to topping a great burger, choose Irresistible Fresh California Avocados to do the job. Fresh avocados are what you’ll find if you peel back the layers of a sandwich success story: tantalizingly smooth, with a rich, subtle flavor and an irresistible customer appeal. So it’s not surprising to discover that fresh avocado menu mentions grew over 20% per year in both 2004 and 2005 (Food Beat™, Inc., 2006), especially in the sandwich category.

For more Irresistible Fresh California Avocado burger, sandwich and spread recipes, log on to, and order one or more of the California Avocado Commission’s idea-packed brochures: The Magic of California Avocados, Hot Bottoms/Cool Tops and the New Dimensions Menu Guide. Orders can also be placed on the CAC Foodservice Hotline at 800-370-3782.