Mail Shark helps pizzeria operators develop a year-long marketing strategy for success.


For many independent and regional chain pizzeria operators, it’s a constant struggle to consistently and effectively market their restaurants. Meanwhile, their larger counterparts have marketing teams dedicated to making this happen every day. 

Operators often struggle with their marketing because they don’t have a consistent plan set up throughout the entire year. In addition, it’s common for operators to get poor advice from marketing companies who suggest trying their advertising method because it’s cheap. Not all marketing concepts are proven methods designed to work specifically for pizza shops. It’s also crucial to remember that marketing is your investment in future sales, not an investment decision that should be based solely on cost.

At first, you may think mapping out a yearly plan will be easy. However, any successful operator knows this is not the case. Pizzeria operators are experts at making pizza, but often times they’re not experts at marketing their restaurants. Typically, operators will execute an advertisement and then, without fail, get too busy with their restaurant to think about or know what to do next. Without the consistent focus on advertising, their marketing stalls and a portion of their market share gets gobbled up by those competitors who utilize consistent and effective advertising strategies. 

Operators can reverse this downward spiral by partnering with Mail Shark, a strategic marketing company dedicated to helping pizzeria owners achieve their marketing goals. Mail Shark recommends three steps to success:

Identify a proven marketing strategy. It’s no secret that a combination of stand-alone direct mail, pizza box toppers and new movers is the most proven form of advertising for pizza shops. Stand-alone direct mail connects businesses with both new and old customers. Box toppers create repeat business, while new mover campaigns target the newest potential customers in your area before they try the competition.

Automate the process to achieve consistency. With those key elements in mind, operators must next find a way to automate the process so that their marketing continues regardless of how busy they get. Once operators execute a turnkey and practically hands-free marketing strategy, they’ll be set up for success and will never be stuck without effective marketing.

Track the results. Upon executing each campaign, it’s critical that operators track the results, make any necessary adjustments and repeat the process to maximize results. Mail Shark can create a turnkey marketing program for your pizzeria and help you automate it for longterm success. To learn more, visit or call 888-915-8369.