Mail Shark designs interactive postcard for pizzerias

Mail Shark an industry leader in design, print, mail & developing turnkey marketing programs, has developed an exciting new marketing piece for the Pizza Industry.The new interactive postcard combines a high-quality full-color glossy postcard card with an interactive 3”x3” “Peel A Box” Sticker that replicates the look of a traditional pizza box. When the “Peel A Box” sticker is peeled back it reveals a customized message which will most often be a special offer or a coupon. The Peel A Box postcard is available for print to use as a hand out, pizza box topper, etc. but will primarily be used by clients as a heavy hitting direct mail marketing piece. The “Peel A Box” postcard is available for full service mailings and EDDM mailings.

Josh Davis, Mail Shark's vice president of sales, says, "Because of the tremendous success of the company's  first interactive product, Mail Shark's scratch-off postcard we believe our new “Peel A Box” will be a huge success for our clients. We feel that the “Peel A Box” is such a unique piece and something that consumers haven’t seen before that it will give our clients the ability to differentiate themselves from their competition. Furthermore, it’s such a cool product that consumers are going to love peeling it back to reveal the special offer. Not only does this piece engage consumers to pick it up and Peel the box back but there is also a second side to put coupons and other offers to further entice consumers to order from them."