The refrigerator is more than an appliance; it’s the family message board, photo album and brag sheet all in one. It can serve as a billboard for your pizza, too, when you take advantage of magnetized direct-mail services from St. Cloud, Minnesota-based Sunray Printing Solutions. “Many of our pizzeria clients have gotten double-digit returns from our magnet mailers,” says Bob Byers, Sunray’s vice president and partner. “I wouldn’t say that’s unheard of, but it’s certainly extraordinary.”

While ordinary direct-mail pieces often get tossed in the trash, magnet mailers for pizzerias end up on the refrigerator door, promoting your pizza around the clock. “The average American opens the refrigerator 22 times a day, so your fridge coupon appears before their eyes 22 times a day,” Byers notes. “You’ve taken the most valuable piece of real estate, from a marketing perspective, in the home and placed your message there, front and center, for months at a time. You can’t ask for a better location.”

As email inboxes grow more cluttered, studies show that consumers ages 25 to 34 would rather get offers through snail mail. “This demographic prefers fridge coupons, and, with their busy lives, hanging your message on their refrigerators fits into their routines,” Byers says.

For pizzerias that have more specials than can fit on a regular mailer, Sunray offers a customizable, jumbo-size 6”-by-22” postcard for promoting multiple products and deals. “You can create a postcard with specials covering extended periods of time, with a ‘week one’ special, a ‘week two’ special and so on,” Byers says. “That means it can stay on the customer’s refrigerator for two or three months instead of one. And the postcard is perforated, so the customer can tear off the coupons and redeem them at your pizzeria.”

Customers are also more likely to redeem a magnetized coupon, Byers adds. “Postcard mailings in 2012 averaged a 2.47% response. Our fridge coupon customers report a minimum of 7%, with some as high as 30%.”

Finally, Sunray Printing is fully approved by the U.S. Postal Service to mail magnetized, jumbo-size postcards. “We print and mail it for you, for less than the price of a first-class stamp,” Byers says. “It’s easy to get your money back and make a profit. And you’ll never have to worry about the postcards getting rejected by USPS.”

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