Magillo Pizzeria Sets World Record for Longest Pizza

""According a report from the World Records Academy, “The Chefs from Magillo Pizzeria used 3.5 tonnes of flour to make a 1,000m (1093 yds)-long pizza which sets the new world record for the longest pizza.”

“The previous Guinness World Record for the Longest Pizza was 407 meters (445 yards).Raymond Marshall from the Guinness World Records was on hand measuring the finished pizza. ‘For the pizza to be the longest in the world, it has to be one single piece, so it cannot be small individual pizzas,’ Marshall said.Proceeds from the project will go to the Akogo charity. This was founded in 2002 by Polish actress Ewa Blaszczyk, to help children who suffer severe brain injuries. The foundation also supports their families – and aims to fund a new rehabilitation clinic.”