Low-Fat Pizzas Rated Tastiest in Study of High Street Chains

According to a report from The Guardian, “pizzas with a comparatively low fat content were rated the tastiest by food reviewers who visited leading high street chains for a new report. Which? carried out blind nutrition tests on thin-crust margherita (cheese and tomato) pizzas from six leading UK chains and rated them all “red” for saturated fat and salt content. But overall fat levels at Pizza Express fell within the “amber” zone. Separately, Good Food Guide also visited the six chains, and rated margherita and pepperoni pizzas for taste, quality and value, alongside the quality of the restaurant experience – Pizza Express emerged favourite.”

“Pizza Express scored 30.5/45, and was praised for its “flavoursome pizzas with good-quality, well-balanced ingredients.” The reviewers were impressed by the innovative pizza options involving unusual ingredients, even if they felt the pizzas were let down by “slightly soggy bases.”The report notes that while pizzas appeal to our taste buds, they are also a recession-busting affordable meal out as internet two-for-one vouchers can bring the cost of dining out for two down to around £6.”

“In the separate nutrition tests, Pizza Hut pizzas were on average the smallest overall, but were the highest in total fat and contained 70% of a woman’s recommended daily maximum of saturated fat. Prezzo pizzas had the highest level of saturated fat, while Zizzi pizzas had the highest level of salt. On average, a margherita pizza from all the chains contained more than 50% of an adult’s recommended daily maximum of salt,” the story said.