Louisiana Pizzeria Considers Expansion

According to, “Peppers Pizzeria started out as a small eatery in downtown Thibodaux. Ten years later, owner Grady Verret has three locations in two cities that bring in a combined $4 million a year and employ 150 people.”

“And, while he’s cautious about expanding too much too quickly, Verret says he has given thought to opening up in university towns elsewhere, perhaps Baton Rouge or Lafayette. He aims to begin scouting sites by the middle of next year. Verret, 38, who got his start in the bar business where patrons are more transient, said he’s surprised by the continued loyalty of Peppers’ customers.”

“‘A restaurant is a living, breathing thing that’s part of the community,’ he said. ‘It’s a living entity that’s important to people.[‘”

“With a decade of history to its credit, Peppers is “really starting to grow roots,” Verret said. Business was booming at the downtown Thibodaux restaurant, 600 W. Third St., when Verret opened the east-Houma site in 2006. It’s at 831 Grand Caillou Road, just west of Wal-Mart. A second, much larger Houma restaurant opened a year later. The 11,000-square foot restaurant and bar, with the trademark green picnic-style tablecloths and wooden booths, is at 541 Corporate Drive. The menu is built around a vast range of pizzas, including the jambalaya, philly cheese steak and “the kitchen sink, the biggest one we’ve got.” Also offered are pastas, salads, muffulettas and burgers,” the story said.