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Loomis Pizza Factory Celebrates 25 Years With 1987 Prices

“A local family-owned business will mark its silver anniversary by selling pizza at 1987 prices,” according to The Loomis News.

“Loomis Pizza Factory celebrates its 25th anniversary on Saturday, June 30, by selling pizzas at half price and giving away prizes from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Owners Eric and Maren Lombardi are also sponsoring a raffle for a weeklong stay at their home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, to raise funds for the new Del Oro Aquatic Center.

“Both our kids played water polo at Del Oro, so the aquatic center is near and dear to our hearts,” said Maren Lombardi.

The Lombardis are huge supporters of aquatics in the Loomis community and we’re very excited about the raffle,” said Grace Kamphefner, chairperson of the Friends of the Del Oro Pool fundraising group.

Loomis Pizza Factory has a history of supporting the community. They’ve sponsored sports teams, provided fundraising pizzas for schools, churches and sports teams, and donated prizes to local nonprofit organizations, and served all-you-can-eat pizza for $5 after the Del Oro football games.

“Giving to the community is what makes Loomis Loomis,” said Maren Lombardi”