According to a news report from, The main street in Itaewon wears much of the same look, even though changes in its culinary scene have overtaken the neighborhood in the past several years or so. But if you take just one step deeper or go just one alley into the back street behind Hamilton Hotel, you can immediately see the changes.”

“The latest addition to the scene is a Latin pizzeria and bistro named Loco Loca. Situated in the alley where Gecko’s and Le Saint-Ex are located, the brightly-walled restaurant offers Latin pizza and several other main dishes,” said the story. “The menu was not elaborate but the essentials were surely there: pizza, appetizers, main dishes and drinks. There was however a wide selection of pizzas and drinks, such as margarita, mojito as well as good old Budweiser. From the appetizer section, we tried the Loco Loca Tabla (14,000 won), a plate akin to the sampler dishes at family restaurants. Four different appetizers nicely occupied each corner of the rectangular tray; cheese-topped nachos, chicken, small calzone and fried cheeseballs. It can serve as a delicious meal on its own. From the wide selection of pizzas, we tried the La Pizzadilla Muy Caliente. We were warned most appropriately that the pizza would be spicy. Cooked in a stove the pizza was topped with spicy Mexican sausage, jalapeno peppers, cheese, black beans, corn and cheese, the pizza was chewy and tasty.”

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