Local teenager makes dough with her own pizza business

According to a news report from, “Like a good employee, 19-year-old Carla Deemer loves to tell her customers about Friday’s $6 carry-out special at Valley Pizza. She’s a little more hush-hush about telling people she’s the owner there.”

“Having gotten word that her employers, Great American Pizza, were leaving town in March, the Las Cruces native asked her father — the owner of a window-washing company — for a loan to buy the pizzeria across from Mayfield High School,” said the story. “I thought it would be fun to open it by myself,” said Deemer. “I had no idea what I was getting into.” There was a month of scrubbing and painting. Then came payrolls. Quarterlies. The hard lesson that friends don’t always make the best delivery drivers and counter staff. Four months and $22,000 later, Deemer has four part-time employees (all older than her), a keen eye for scammers who come in and say they’re owed a free pizza — when they never bought one — and a commitment to success.”

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