Local Pizzeria Owner Knocks on Doors to Help Hit-and-Run Victims’ Families

According to a news report from, “When Oralia Puga-Ramirez and Enedina Oliva were killed in August’s fatal hit-and-run on Stevens Creek, not only were their families faced with the sudden loss of a beloved mother and grandmother. They were also suddenly faced with another unanticipated hardship: the price tag of a funeral today.” 
“So when Kirk Vartan, owner of Slice of New York pizzeria on Stevens Creek, read in the paper that Puga-Ramirez and Oliva’s families were having difficulty meeting the expenses of a proper funeral and burial, he felt “compelled” to do something – especially because the accident happened so close to the restaurant,” said the story. “So on the spot he started a fund to help. “I just took a [soft drink] fridge pack box and hand-wrote a sign and started walking down Stevens Creek,” he says. “I just kept walking all the way to Saratoga Ave. and all the way to Santana Row, knocking on doors at every business, asking for donations. Every store that had a door, I went into,” he adds. Vartan’s effort was met with an outpouring of generosity from local businesses.”

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