According to a news report from, “A local pizzeria for sale is still available for $1, if a buyer can be found.”

“For an $185 processing fee and top cooking skills, Jim Sieklucki, owner of Lucky’s at 8201 Douglas Ave. north of Kalamazoo, will sell his restaurant, complete with ovens, tables, chairs and everything else, to the winner of a cook-off now planned for February.  ‘It does not do any good to close that restaurant down,’ said Sieklucki, who cannot re-open the closed restaurant due to health reasons. ‘I’m thinking out of the box. You can’t go to the bank and say, ‘I’d like to open a restaurant.’ They’ll laugh at you.’ Sieklucki had hoped to have between 1,600 and 2,400 interested people and between $296,000 and $444,000 in fees collected by December. He values the property at $400,000. He wanted to draw the two finalists for a cook-off on Saturday. However, there has been very little response, Sieklucki said, prompting him to delay the drawing until Jan. 5. The cook-off will be Feb. 6.”

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