The holiday season is a time of giving and receiving, and The Main Slice on North Myrtle Beach in South Carolina does just that with a month-long fundraiser to benefit a local school.

The pizzeria owner, Derrick Nunziante, was inspired to help when he learned what one of his employees was going through. “One of my employees she got into a little lunch debt and she was told that anything over a hundred dollars the county schools will give them brown bag lunches. Well Waterway the principal refuses to do that,” said Nunziante. “They’re always getting a hot lunch there so their debt tends to get a little higher and so I wanted to do something with them to help them out.”

The Waterway Elementary school is one of three schools in the area with the largest lunch debt, owing roughly $4,200.

Main Slice stepped in to donate 20% of all pizza sales this November to help repay that debt. Nunziante says the business hasn’t reached its goal yet but that a few customers did visit just to donate instead of buying a pizza.

“Our winters are really slow so it could be a daunting task, but it’s just something that came up. It’s a spur of the moment, why let it go on just go and take care of it now. I hope we got it, with the support of the community I think we will,” said Nunziante to WPDE.

The Main Slice is currently accepting donations online as well; the option to donate can be found at the bottom of the ordering menu in the merchandise tab.

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