“When John Navratil decided to donate food to the York Rescue Mission and was told to expect about 150 people, he figured it would make more sense to build one large sub instead of several smaller sandwiches,” according to the York Daily Record.

“That’s how a 45-foot-long combination of bread, meat, cheese and veggies came to be stretched down the length of the hallway Tuesday and into the dining room at Navratil’s business, Marcello’s Pizza, 247 Pauline Drive in York Township on Tuesday.

The half-Italian, half-turkey sandwich took more than two hours to complete. Most of the prep work including chopping and slicing vegetables was done the night before.

Making the sub was similar to making a 6-foot sub, just measured out, according to Navratil.

“It went really well. Much better than expected,” Navratil said. His main concern had been making sure the sub was ready and delivered before the mission began serving lunch at 11 a. m.”


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