Local Companies Embrace Social Media

According to a news report from minnesota.publicradio.org, “The prospect of being able to reach so many people has many companies all atwitter about using social media, somehow, to bond with customers.”

“We’ve heard a lot lately about the power of social media services like Facebook and Twitter to connect people, spread news and even influence world events. Tens of millions of people are signed up for one or more of these services that connect folks with shared interests or concerns,” said the story.

Punch Pizza knows no fear when it comes to social media. Punch uses Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch with thousands of dedicated patrons of its six local Neapolitan pizzerias. Punch often uses Twitter to publicize free pizza deals, counting on fans to pass on word of the offer to their friends, who’ll pass it on to their friends,” said the article. “People actually do the work for you,” John Puckett, a co-owner of Punch, said. “If they like our brand and like what we’re doing with pizza, they’ll help us spread the word. It is a very efficient way to market.” Puckett said he’s given away thousands of pizzas and figures a freebie can turn someone into a lifelong paying customer.”