LloydPans Debuts Long Pizza Pan and Tall Cheesecake Pan

LloydPans will make a big splash at this year’s co-located Pizza Expo and Artisan Bakery Expo with two new pan launches that push the boundaries of length and size. At booth #911, LloydPans’ pizza experts will be showcasing a new Long Pizza Pan that comes in dimensions as long as 27 x 4 x 1.5 inches. At booth #3841, their bakery solution experts will be debuting an extra-tall round cheesecake pan, measuring 8×4 inches.

“For years, we’ve paid attention to the consumer packaged goods industry, where new products are continually developed by repackaging existing brands into new formats,” Traci Rennaker, LloydPans’ president and CEO, says. “We took the same approach when developing these two new pans. The Long Pizza Pan is perfect for restaurants looking to excite customers with a long, narrow pan pizza perfect for large parties. And who doesn’t want a bigger cheesecake? This new cheesecake pan is perfect for those bakers looking to make a visual impact with a tall cheesecake. ”

The Long Pizza Pan comes in several lengths with a standard width (4 inches) and depth (1.5 inches). Pizzerias can produce long personal pizzas with the 12-inch long pan, feed a family with the 18-inch long pan or serve a whole party with the 27-inch long pan. Each pan features LloydPans’ proprietary PSTK coating, which offers operators a durable pan that requires no pre-seasoning.

LloydPans’ new tall cheesecake pan was originally launched as a custom pan, but due to popular demand, has now found a permanent home in the company’s line of loose-bottom cheesecake pans. The 4-inch height is about as tall as a baker can make a cheesecake, and the stick-resistant coating allows for easy release. The coating also makes the pan steam-resistant, which means a baker can de-pan cheesecakes now or later and won’t damage the pan or the integrity of the cheesecake.

Both the Long Pizza Pan and the tall cheesecake pan will be displayed at the Pizza Expo and Artisan Bakery Expo, taking place in Las Vegas from March 31 to April 2.

LloydPans, a U.S. manufacturer of commercial pizza pans and tools, bakeware, cookware and foodservice equipment, is located in Spokane Valley, Washington. In addition to an extensive line of standard products, LloydPans also offers custom solutions for just about anything their customers need. LloydPans’ products are sold online at and through distributors.