Little-known Wisconsin cheese Fontinella adds tangy bite to pizza

According to a news report from, “I (Tara) accidentally discovered the ultimate pizza cheese. It’s not mozzarella, although that’s a good one. It’s called Fontinella, and it costs $3.99 for 8 ounces.”

“And until I’d just about hit deadline on this column, I thought that was all I was going to be able to tell you about Fontinella,” said the story. “It all started about four months ago, when I decided to take my yearly stab at pizza crust. If you remember the pizza crust column of April 6 – and I’m sure you do – I finally managed to make a good pizza crust after about 20 years of trying. The point is, I didn’t have any mozzarella cheese that day. I fished some other white cheese out of the fridge – some stuff Rob had unearthed in the international cooler at the grocery store, where you find the jarred sauerkraut and the refrigerated crumpets. Fontinella. Hmm. That was, oh, probably the best pizza in the world.”

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