You've seen them. Poster-holding pizza hawkers stationed in front of your favorite pizzeria enticing you to come in for your favorite food. They're called shaker boarders  Poster-board guitar wielding Sean Knittel is the Eric Clapton of the profession. reviews Knittel's performance in front of the Sioux City, Iowa, LIttle Caesars on Gordon Drive as: "Rocking out on his poster-board guitar, wagging his bearded head to the beat and flashing hand signs to those who honk at him."  Knittel, a natural entertainer, started out at Little Caesars a year ago making pizzas and washing dishes. When he saw ads for a shaker boarder, the audio engineering student at Western Iowa Tech Community College jumped at the chance to rock out for pizza. “To me it doesn’t feel like a job. I’m getting paid to do something I like to do,” says Knittel, who air strums his cardboard axe while grooving to his own rock jams on ear buds. A real guitar player in a local rock band, Knittel comes by his Rock God moves naturally. He keeps a notebook in his back pocket when his interactions with the public give him ideas for a new song.

Learn about the art of shaker boarding and how a memorable practitioner might increase your own pizzeria sales. 

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